Edema after breast surgery

After a breast reduction, breast enlargement or breast cancer, edema (fluid retention) may occur in the arm. On this page we show how an arm with edema can be treated with Easytape® Lymph & Scar tape. The tape supports the balance between the generation and removal of fluid in the lymphatic system. It supports safe, effective and pain-free lymphatic drainage and edema therapy.

Why does lymph taping work?

Before Easytape® is applied, first the treatment takes place, which consists of stimulating the lymph vessels. For example, after breast cancer blockages such as lymphedema can occur due to scarring. With myofascial release techniques, these blockages can be released by the scars, and Easytape® following the treatment has the advantage that the treatment lasts longer. The tape supports the circulation in the lymphatic system with improved fluid drainage in the arm.

Lymphtaping has shown in the park tike a decrease in the size of the arm to give 1 cm in 1 hour in women with lymph edema in the arm after the treatment of breast cancer. That is why Easytaping is certainly indicated in this group of patients. Taping with an elastic tape that lifts the skin has shown to support lymphatic circulation. The larger the taped area, the greater the effect. For more information see this link.


How to apply the tape?

Follow the instructions as given in the infographic. Before you start taping we recommend to pre-cut 8 strips of Easytape®. The length of the strips depend on the length of the arm. It is complicated to do the application by yourself. Ask for help from someone who can tape your arm. The term fascial explained: apply with stretched skin. When the body is in 'normal' position, the tape will lift the skin and promotes circulation.

Step 1: Apply one stripe of Easytape from wrist to shoulder with 0% stretch and fascially on the arm.

Step 2: Apply four more stripes (depends on width arm) of Easytape parallel to each other.

Step 3: Apply one stripe of Easytape (angle 45°) from wrist to shoulder with 0% stretch and fascially.

Step 4: Apply two more stripes of Easytape (angle 45°) from wrist to shoulder with 0% stretch and fascially.

Any serious incident that has occurred in relation to Easytape® shall be reported to Msys B.V. and the competent authority of the Member State in which the user is established.