Kinesiotape with tigerprint

The newest Easytape® Tigertape kinesiotape with tigerprint is made from high-quality cotton and a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive. The tape is permeable to air and moisture. The skin can “breathe” and the tape can also be left on when its user sweats, is exercising or having a shower. Easytape® Tiger Tape meets all requirements towards medical quality, is free from latex and zinc and has been TÜV-approved.

Easytape® Tigertape:

• features 150% stretchability, which resembles the skin’s natural elasticity
• has a format of 5 cm by 4.5 meters per roll
• contains heat-sensitive hypoallergenic adhesive that adheres to the skin even better
• is humidity-resistant to facilitate swimming, showering and sweating
• will last at least 2 days on hands and feet
• will last at least 3 days on other parts of the body
• is free from medicinal ingredients
• is easily removed without leaving adhesive residues on the skin
• tape adheres perfectly on tape

Improved lymphatic drainage for faster recovery

Easytape® Tigertape is elastic and shrinks up as soon as it is being stuck to the skin. It thus creates a negative pressure (which eases pain and ensures lymphatic drainage), facilitates myofascial control (more articular control) and increases the stability. Improved blood circulation and fluid transport (drainage) in the tissue accelerate the recovery process.


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