Edema taping with Easytape® Lymph & Scar tape

Easytape® supports the balance between the production and discharge of fluid in the lymphatic system. It supports safe, effective and pain-free lymphatic drainage and edema therapy. The thin and long strips of tape are always applied towards the heart (as the lymphatic system works) over the lymph tracts.

How does edema taping work?

Edema is an excessive fluid accumulation in a certain part of the body. It often occurs in the feet, hands, legs, arms and abdomen. Edema occurs when more moisture is supplied than discharged and can be caused by damage or blockage of the lymph vessels. After surgery, scarring occurs from the deep tissue to the most superficial layer. Due to these scars blockages and thus fluid accumulations can occur. After a given lymph treatment by a phsyiotherapist, long and thin strokes of Easytape are applied to the skin. The tape slightly lifts the skin and the circulation is activated and stimulated.

Why does Easytape® work?

Easytape is used to optimize the effect of the treatment. The tape lifts the skin works 24 hours a day. It lifts the skin to support the circulation. Easytape is made from high-quality cotton and a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive and is safe for the skin.


Study about lymphtaping

Lymphtaping has shown in the park tike a decrease in the size of the arm to give 1 cm in 1 hour in women with lymph edema in the arm after the treatment of breast cancer. That is why Easytaping is certainly indicated in this group of patients. Taping with an elastic tape that lifts the skin has shown to support lymphatic circulation. The larger the taped area, the greater the effect. For more information see this link.