Treating knee complaints with Easytape kinesiology tape

Knee complaints can affect daily life. On this page we give two examples on how knee complaints can be treated according to the Easytaping-method, which consists of different test and tape techniques. Most knee problems are caused by poor muscle control (due to instability of the knee). This can be caused by, for example, flat feed through a passive posture and/or the knees bent inwards. We advise you to always seek advice from a medical professional such as a physiotherapist.

How does the Easytaping method work?

What distinguishes the Easytaping method from other taping methods is that we first use EasyTesting (different function-improving tests) in combination with EasyTaping techniques. With EasyTesting we discover which skin shift gives function improvement and 'relief'. A suitable taping technique is used on the basis of the test results.