Menstrual cramps treatment with Easytape®

Menstrual cramps are often treated with painkillers that may also have unpleasant side effects. Treat menstrual pain without medication by using Easytape®! After applying the tape, complaints can reduce and / or disappear within 30 minutes.

Why does taping it work?

The elastic feature of Easytape® gives a lifting effect on the skin. Menstrual pain can be caused by an overproduction of the hormone prostaglandin in the uterine lining. By contractions of the uterus, there arises stretch on the ligaments and the fascia of the uterus. This reduces the blood flow and the pain receptors are activated. The stretch in the tape gives the pain receptors more space and can reduce pain or even disappear. The tissue tension can also be reduced by Easytape® and the tape can provide pain relief.

How to apply the tape?

Make sure the skin is clean, dry and free of grease. Slightly bend forward and place one strip of Easytape® on the back. The skin must be "stretched" when applying. Bending can be done in both standing position and sitting position. Place the tape from the middle over the left and right dimples in the back. Rub warm to activate the adhesive. Stand up again and feel the tape giving a lifting effect and relaxing effect. Cut the corners of the strip of tape around for optimal adhesion.