Scartaping with Easytape® Lymph & Scar tape

Easytape® Lymph & Scar tape supports lymphatic drainage and scar treatments. The thin strips of tape supports the lymphatic system and drainage. Scars are treated with shorter strips of Easytape® that are applied on the entire scar and the skin.

Treating scars with massage and kinesiology tape

After surgery, scarring can occur from the deep skin tissue layer to the most superficial layer. Due to these scars blockages and thus fluid accumulations can occur. Easytape® supports the balance between the production and drainage of blood and fluid in the tissue. It supports safe, effective and pain-free scar treatment.


How to use Easytape® kinesiology tape on scars?

Easytape® lifts the skin so tissues underneath the scar can get more space. This promotes circulation of lymphatic fluid and blood. The improved circulation leads to a nicer-looking scar. Before Easytape® is applied, first the treatment takes place, which consists of myofascial release techniques. For example, after a tummy tuck there can occur blockages, such as lymphedema, caused by scars. Apply the Easytape® Lymph & Scar tape strips with 100% elongation at an angle of 45º over the entire scar with intervals of 3 cm.

Smoother and more beautiful scar due to taping